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 PTC Track & Trace

Who was where, when and for how long?
The Track & Trace app answers this question.

The mobile application is a complete solution for your fleet management. Access is possible anytime and anywhere – from your smartphone or tablet. How to keep an eye on your fleet at all times:

  • Monitoring multiple vehicles
  • Locating selected vehicles
  • Overview of all trips per day per vehicle
  • Complete route information for each trip in map view
  • Detailed vehicle information


Select a vehicle in the location to see the current location on the map you can also select several vehicles at the same time. You can get more information at a glance. Is the vehicle driving straight or is it parking? Where exactly is it and for how long?  If the vehicle is currently driving, you can track the previous route and also receive information about the current speed.


Under the Routes tab you can see all routes from a day of your choice. Thanks to the clear presentation, the start and stop times of the respective routes with the associated addresses and the total length of the route can be seen immediately. Depending on your wishes, you can have the routes displayed in list form or on the map.


Are you interested in the stops as well as the routes? These can also be called up in the Track & Trace app, clearly listed. These can also be called up in the Track & Trace app, clearly listed.

Vehicle info

License plates, current speed, registered driver and battery status: all of these are important data. You can access it anytime and anywhere under vehicle information.

PTC Tour & Navi

Simple task and route planning with the Tour & Navi app

PTC telematics offers to the Tour & Navigation App for the best in the areas of mission planning, monitoring and logging . The app impresses with its simple operation, multipoint route planning and live status updates

  • Clear presentation
  • Detailed route information
  • Individual driver login with four-digit pin
  • Driver change on one device

Control through protocols

Thanks to the live status updates “assigned”, “accepted”, “start”, “finished” that appear in the web portal, the status can at any time monitor be. With the live status updates, the driver himself can also “accept”, “start” and “complete” the app overview at any time. The traveled routes are the exact route indication and the times recorded and retrieved at any time. Thanks to the live status, time-consuming calls are no longer necessary. Already completed tasks are automatically marked. If an order fails or has already been completed, it can simply be skipped on the tour.

Task planning made easy

Thanks to the Tour & Navi app, your tour plans are at the desired driver within a second. For this plan A tour with all important details in the PTC web portal. Thanks to multipoint route planning, you can optimally connect several destinations with each other in one tour. Then assign the order to a driver and “click” – the route is already transmitted. Say goodbye to lists and printed tour plans with the Tour & Navi app – simply transfer all important information digitally. As soon as a tour plan has been sent, it can be opened on the smartphone or a specially programmed navigation system and off you go. The tedious typing in of destination addresses is a thing of the past. Each location created in the tour contains information about the tasks to be done and the address of the location.

Easy driver change

Thanks to the driver change on one device, shift changes are no longer a waste of time: the new driver simply enters his personal PIN – and the tour can continue. Thanks to the driver change on one device, shift changes are no longer a waste of time: the new driver simply enters his personal PIN – and the tour can continue. This saves you a lot of time and increases your efficiency. Because time is not just money. Optimizing tour management is an absolute competitive advantage and creates space for other important tasks.

PTC e-logbook

Simple and clear

The PTC eFahrtenbuch app offers you a user-friendly and legally compliant logbook for all common mobile devices. You save a lot of time thanks to the app: edit your logbook exactly when it suits you. In addition, from now on you always know where you parked your vehicle. The PTC eFahrtenbuch is:

  • User friendly
  • Forgery-proof
  • Time-saving


You can check and complete your data at any time in the clearly designed logbook.

Here you can see the trips from the respective day or from a period you have specified. The logbook also shows you all unprocessed trips. These are the trips on which the GPS system recorded the route data, but the remaining data such as the purpose of the trip and contact person were still completed. Thanks to the user-friendly presentation you forget so never edit your rides. This prevents recording gaps that can later lead to problems with the tax office’s review.


Do you want to re-categorize a trip that has already been processed? Subsequent changes in the electronic logbook marked as such – so it is .

Do you want to save even more time? If you don’t want to enter locations that you visit regularly, the app offers you the option of saving locations and reasons for your trip. Thus, the PTC eFahrtenbuch is time-saving .


The dashboard clearly shows the individual vehicle, the license plate and the driver. The diagram shows you the ratio of the business to the private share, and the way to work can also be displayed separately. Depending on your wishes, you can set a single date or a desired time period. You will also receive the kilometers driven within the selected time.


In the settings you can select the vehicle whose logbook you want to see. This is particularly important when you have to have several vehicles in view. Recurring travel purposes can be saved under Reason / Purpose. All you have to do when you create a trip is to tap the reason that was previously saved and the system automatically enters the data. This saves you a lot of time when it comes to documentation.

PTC Order management

Thanks to the order and order management app, your orders are always at hand. To do this, you create an order in the PTC web portal and simply send it to your smartphone, tablet or navigation device with a click of the mouse. But the app offers even more:

  • Individual driver login with four-digit pin
  • Live status updates
  • Driver change on one device

With the live status updates “new”, “read” and “completed”, you no longer lose track of many orders. Thanks to the clear display, orders can be processed location by location.

Thanks to the driver change on one device, shift changes, planned or unexpected, are no longer a waste of time: the new driver simply enters his personal driver pin – and the journey can continue.


*To be able to use the apps, you need the PTC Telematik tracking system